An Optical bird scarer approved and recommended by the Department of Nature Conservation.
The first bird scarer to harmlessly relocate birds successfully from unwanted areas such as * Buildings, * Airstrips, * Farm lands, * Silos, * Golf greens, * Public Areas, – etc.
The Eagle Eye™ bird-scarer does not harm the bird in any way.
Up to 80% reduction in bird infestation within 3 months!!
Manufactured and patented in South Africa, this product is the new revolutionary discovery underwritten by Cape Nature Conservation.

The Eagle Eye™ is the new prototype developed over a period of time and has gone through thorough tests in all areas during this time. We can now with confidence market and support it. The Eagle Eye™ works by reflecting light beams. The light bands, including the ultraviolet and infrared bands in the light spectrum are reflected back to the bird imitating the presence of a predator bird. This causes the bird to deviate in flight and fly to another destination. It does not affect sitting birds but hinders the bird at the angle which they come in to land at their destination. Once chased away from their sitting position the bird will eventually not return to where the Eagle Eye™ is installed.

An important aspect of the Eagle Eye™ is that it works in line of sight. If there are obstacles in the way of the beams, more units will be needed to cover the specified areas on the different height levels.
Installation trials should run for at least 3 months, after which bird infestation will be reduced by up to 80%.
The Eagle Eye™ is fitted with a 12 volt DC motor to make it turn at a specific speed, reflecting light beams at constant intervals. It can be powered by making use of a 12-volt transformer, a Solar Panel or a 12 volt battery. A time switch can also be used to switch the Eagle Eye™ on and off as required.

The Eagle Eye™ functions optimally in direct sunlight. Artificial light can be used for indoor application or shady areas but is not as effective as direct sunlight and more units will be needed to cover the same area. (A specific light is required.)

The reflective surface of the Eagle Eye™ is manufactured from a strong ABS plastic material that does not break during hailstorms. Animal welfare institutions are all in favour of the Eagle Eye™ because it is environmentally friendly, not harmful to any animals or environment and will reduce the infestation of birds by up to 80%
“Using the Eagle Eye Bird-Scarer is an environmentally within a three-month period