Scarecrow Bird Deterrent

Pest birds cause millions of dollars damage to agricultural crops every year.
In Australia, pest birds cause in excess of $300 million damage annually to our broad acre & horticultural industries. 1 If left unprotected pest birds can obliterate a crop within hours.

Bird waste is hazardous, corrosive & unsightly.

Bird waste is an extreme health hazard harbouring harmful bacteria & viruses. It is corrosive causing permanent staining and damage to property & equipment. It smells and is unsightly particularly around public open spaces such as recreational facilities & outdoor cafes.

How do we currently control pest birds ?

The most common methods of pest bird control employ trapping, poisoning & the use of exclusion products such as netting, bird spikes, wires and gas guns. While effective these control methods are expensive to establish and maintain.
Scarybird is a viable alternative.

We know from the wild that the main predators of pest birds are birds of prey, the raptors (eagles, hawks & falcons). From observations of bird behaviour it is clear that when raptors are around, pest birds quickly disappear. While the use of a live raptor would be the most effective solution to the problem it requires a handler making it prohibitively expensive and impractical.

So introducing Scarybird, a new concept in the ecological management of pest birds.

At the heart of this deterrent system is a raptor shaped kite which mimics the flight of a bird of prey, scaring pest birds away. Compared to other bird control methods, Scarybird is a simple, effective, affordable solution. Importantly it is 100% environmentally friendly. Birds are scared off, they are not injured or killed. While no scaring tool can ever be considered 100% effective, Scarybird is a viable solution helping reduce losses from bird damage. While it can be used as a stand alone product it is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods of deterrence & as part of an overall strategic approach to bird management.

1. Tracey, J., Bomford, M., Hart Q., Saunders, G and Sinclair, R. (2007) Managing Bird Damage to Fruit and Other Horticultural Crops. Bureau of Rural Sciences. Canberra..

Where Can I Use it ?
Scarybird has a wide range of applications from vegetable, viticulture, orchard & broad acre crops to grain silos, piggeries, dairies, poultry sheds, tips, sporting venues, back gardens, airfields, golf courses & public open spaces. In fact Scarybird can be used just about anywhere where birds congregate & cause damage or nuisance.

How does Scarybird work ?
The Scarybird system consists of a kite in the shape of a bird of prey, tethered to a 9 metre telescopic pole by a 2.5 metre nylon string line. Unlike traditional scarecrows which are static & which pest birds quickly get used to, the flight path of the Scarybird kite is constantly changing; hovering one minute, soaring the next, all on just the slightest breeze.
The kite mimics a raptor in flight, intimidating pest birds and protecting your cereal crop, vineyard, orchard, veggie patch, garden, boat or outdoor eatery from potential damage.

Scarybird is not a Toy
The Scarybird kite system has been specifically developed as a bird deterrent. During development rigorous testing & trials were undertaken to evaluate it’s components & determine its effectiveness. Each component has been specifically selected for its strength, durability, material

The Scarybird kite mimics a predatory bird in flight.

Beak & Claws make it even more realistic.

Tail section with flexible fibreglass rod inserted.

Quality and mechanical properties.
Unlike other kite based systems, most of which are modified toys, Scarybird was specifically developed as a sophisticated, high tech, bird deterrent system. Birds are intelligent, highly evolved opportunists ready to exploit any weakness. Recognising this our kite was carefully crafted to mimic the look, shape & characteristics of a predatory bird in flight. The colour & shape of the beak & claws also play their part, making it even more realistic.

Strong, Flexible & Light Weight
The Scarybird kite is made from high-strength UV nylon & is ultra-light in weight, weighing in at less than 100g. This enables it to take off even in the slightest wind (<2km/hour). Being so light in weight this also reduces the amount of force placed on the telescopic pole it is tethered to.
It can withstand extreme conditions of use; strong winds, rain & UV. Unlike competitor’s products, most of which are made from coated paper it should last several seasons under regular use. Replacement kites are readily available when required.

The rods holding the kite together are made from light weight fibreglass, specifically chosen for it’s flexibility & strength.
The metal reinforced fibreglass telescopic pole is also light weight, weighing in at less than 4kg. Like a giant fishing rod it is designed to bend in the wind. However to avoid damage to the pole, it should be taken down when the wind is intense (in excess of 45km/hour) or when storms are predicted.
Scarybird deters a wide range of birds.
The Scarybird system is effective in keeping away a wide variety of pest birds including Crows, Ravens, Pigeons, Magpies, Starlings, Sparrows, Mynas and Seagulls. In Australian trials it has been effective against native species such as Cockatoos, Galahs & Correllas.

Large area of protection.
Each kite comes with a 2.5 metre length of nylon string. Placed at each end are 2 high-strength steel swivels. These swivels prevent the string from wrapping around the pole. When tethered to
the kite & metal ring at the top of the telescopic pole the kite is afforded a full 360 degrees of rotation. This provides an effective 1.5 – 2.0 hectare range of protective cover.

Quick & Easy to Set-up, Move & Pull Down
The Scarybird can be set up, moved & broken down in minutes.

Set up involves 4 simple steps:
1. Knock in the fibreglass stake provided at a desired location, free of obstacles.
2. Retract & lock in the sections of the telescopic pole.
3. Assemble the kite & attach it to the top of the pole with the string & metal clasp attachments provided.
4. Place the pole on the stake & it’s ready to go.
Note: To prevent pest birds getting used to Scarybird, it should be moved every 5 to 7 days. This can be done quickly by simply removing the pole, then pulling out the stake & re-locating it 3 to 4 metres away.
When not required & to maximise the kite’s life span, Scarybird should be stored in a dry location away from sunlight.

Scarybird Kit Contents:
Each Scarybird kit consists of:
1 x Telescopic Fibreglass pole (9m in length).
1 x Fibreglass Stake (1.1m in length).
1 x Raptor Kite made of high strength rip-stop
nylon ( 155cm W x 56cm L).
1 x Nylon String Line & Swivels (2.5m in length).
1 x Carry Bag.
1 x User Manual.

In Summary
Scarybird is:
• A 100% ecologically friendly bird deterrent solution. Birds are scared off, not injured or
• Quick & Easy to Set-Up, Move & Pull Down.
• Proven Highly Effective.
• In-expensive compared to other bird deterrent control methods.
• Works Day & Night.
• Low Maintenance.
• A silent, visual sentinel which disturbs birds not your neighbours.
• Made from High Strength, Durable, Quality Materials.
• Replacement Parts (eg. kites, kite rods, nylon string, poles) readily available.