Myna Magnet is a modern and humane solution to a potentially devastating environmental pest problem. A scientifically designed Indian myna trap is now available. This unit is the result of years of study and research and is highly effective and selective. Help our environment and our native bird species by eradicating the “Cane Toad with Wings” with this trap.

Why are mynas a problem?
In eastern Australia, feral Indian mynas (Acridotheres tristis) have become a
major urban nuisance, pose potential health risks to humans and livestock and
have serious, negative impacts on biodiversity. Indian mynas are listed by the
World Conservation Union as one of the World’s 100 Worst Invasive Species.


  • Destructive avian pest – Major urban nuisance
  • Displaces native birds – Noisy and messy pest
  • Droppings are a major OH&S issue – Nests clog guttering